Welcome to “The Ultimate Guide to Rolex Nicknames,” a fascinating journey into the world of one of the most iconic and respected watch brands on the planet. Rolex watches are not just timepieces; they are symbols of excellence, achievement, and prestige. But there’s a playful side to this luxury brand that adds even more depth to its charm – the unique nicknames given to its watches by fans and collectors alike.

Have you ever wondered why some Rolex watches are called “Pepsi” or “Hulk”? These nicknames, often inspired by a watch’s color scheme, design features, or historical significance, bring a human touch to the otherwise technical world of horology. They tell stories, evoke emotions, and create a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

In this guide, we’ll explore the heritage behind these nicknames, dive into the stories of the most iconic and lesser-known monikers, and understand how these names have influenced the collectibility and value of Rolex watches. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting to explore the fascinating world of luxury watches, this guide will give you a new appreciation for the creativity and culture that surrounds Rolex. To add some structure, we categorized the nicknames based on color, character, material, and unique/miscellaneous nicknames.

So, buckle up and prepare to discover the colorful and intriguing world of Rolex nicknames, there will be many nicknames you have never heard before. You’re in for an enlightening and entertaining ride!

Table of Contents

Color-based Rolex Nicknames

Rolex Submariner “Hulk” (Reference 116610LV)

Rolex Hulk

Introduced in 2010, the Rolex Submariner “Hulk” is celebrated for its striking all-green design, with both a green dial and green Cerachrom bezel. This bold appearance, reminiscent of the Marvel superhero’s color, alongside its 40mm stainless steel case and robust features like water resistance up to 300 meters, makes it a standout piece. The “Hulk” is powered by Rolex’s reliable Calibre 3135 movement, combining performance with iconic style, marking it as a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts. This model was discontinued in 2020, after which the price spiked significantly, making it a very wanted piece for Rolex collectors, and an appreciating model. It is also one of the best replicated models, so if you are in the market for a replica Rolex Hulk, we have one for you!

Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” (References vary, latest 126710BLRO)

Rolex Pepsi

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” garners its nickname from the blue and red bezel, mirroring the famous soda’s branding. This watch, evolving through several references with the latest being 126710BLRO, features a Cerachrom bezel, and is powered by the sophisticated Calibre 3285 movement. A favorite among travelers for its dual-time capability, the “Pepsi” combines practical functionality with an iconic aesthetic, making it a vibrant, historic piece that celebrates Rolex’s pioneering spirit in world timekeeping.

The Rolex Pepsi has seen various references over the years, including the iconic 1675, Rolex 16710, and the more recent 126710BLRO, among others. Each reference marks an evolution in design, technology, and materials, with the “Pepsi” colorway remaining a constant symbol of the model’s enduring appeal.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” (References 116710BLNR and 126710BLNR)

Rolex Batman

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” earned its nickname due to the black and blue bezel colors, reminiscent of the Dark Knight’s iconic suit. Enthusiasts appreciate this model for its sophisticated yet bold aesthetic, symbolizing the spirit of adventure and the complexity of time travel. Its release sparked significant interest within the collector community, leading to discussions about its distinctive look and practicality. This model has seen fluctuations in price and demand, reflecting its popularity and the impact of its nickname on its desirability among collectors. The next model with the Jubilee bracelet, the Ref. 126710BLNR is also often called Batman, however, true Rolex enthusiasts know that this model is nicknamed the Batgirl, which we will have next.

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Rolex GMT-Master II “Batgirl” (Reference 126710BLNR with Jubilee Bracelet)

Rolex Batgirl

“Batgirl” came around when Rolex decided to pair the GMT-Master II’s iconic black and blue bezel with a sleek Jubilee bracelet, creating a look that’s a bit more polished than the “Batman.” This twist sparked a new nickname, drawing from the same comic book universe but highlighting its distinct style. Watch lovers quickly took to “Batgirl” for its mix of Rolex’s trusted GMT functionality and a dressier vibe. Its entrance stirred the Rolex world, affecting both how collectors see it and its value in the watch market. We are proudly offering a Superclone Rolex 126710BLNR.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Bruce Wayne”, “Shadow GMT” or “The Dark Knight” (Reference 126710GRNR)

Rolex has stirred excitement in the watch world with a fresh iteration of its iconic GMT-Master II. This 2024 release departs from the beloved blue and black “Batman” bezel, instead showcasing a striking black and gray ceramic insert. The watch community is currently abuzz, debating the most fitting nickname for this intriguing new timepiece.

The Nickname Debate

Two strong contenders have emerged as potential nicknames for this new Rolex:

  • The “Bruce Wayne”: This nickname cleverly references the dual identity of Batman’s alter-ego. The gray portion of the bezel could symbolize Bruce Wayne’s polished public image, while the black hints at his shadowy role as Gotham’s protector.

  • The “Shadow GMT”: This moniker emphasizes the more subdued, stealthy aesthetic of the gray and black bezel compared to the vibrant “Batman” color scheme.

  • The “Dark Knight”: Evocative of Batman’s most famous title, this nickname highlights the watch’s darker color palette and the potential association with the brooding hero.

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A Nickname in the Making

As with many popular Rolex nicknames, such as “Hulk” (green Submariner) and “Pepsi” (blue and red bezel GMT-Master), these names are never assigned by Rolex itself. They develop organically within the passionate watch enthusiast community. It will be fascinating to see which nickname ultimately gains traction and becomes synonymous with this new GMT-Master II. Follow our blog to find out which nickname sticks.

Rolex Submariner “Kermit” (References vary, including 16610LV and 126610LV)

Rolex Kermit

The “Kermit” was presented at Rolex’s 50th anniversary and is known for its green bezel, setting a precedent for Rolex’s green-themed watches. When comparing it to other models like the “Hulk” and later the “Starbucks,” which also features a green bezel but with a black dial similar to the “Kermit,” enthusiasts debate their preferences based on color intensity, historical significance, and design variations. Each model has carved its own niche, with “Starbucks” continuing the legacy of Rolex’s exploration of green in their iconic Submariner line. Our catalog includes a replica Rolex Kermit watch if you are a fan of it!

Rolex Submariner “Smurf” (Reference 116619LB)

Rolex Smurf

The Rolex Submariner “Smurf,” released in 2008, is unique for its luxurious 18k white gold and vivid blue dial and bezel, distinguishing it from other blue models like the “Bluesy.” Its exclusivity and premium materials make it highly valued among collectors, who appreciate its standout color and investment potential. The “Smurf” contrasts with the stainless steel “Bluesy,” offering a different take on Rolex’s exploration of blue. It is one of the very risky watches because Rolex started as a “working man”‘s watch and grew into luxury status, and neither of those areas don’t combine with light blue colors, however, Rolex’s risks paid off and they had huge success with their bright colored watches.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Coke” (Various References, including 16710)

Rolex Coke

The “Coke” Rolex, known for its distinctive red and black bezel, offers a unique alternative to the famous “Pepsi” model. While both are celebrated for their vibrant bezels and dual-time capabilities, “Coke” sets itself apart with a sleek, mysterious appeal that resonates with those who prefer a less common but equally captivating aesthetic. Its comparison to “Pepsi” adds an intriguing layer to Rolex’s story, making “Coke” not just a timepiece, but a collector’s piece steeped in history and rivalry between two giant brands, embodying the adventurous spirit of its wearers. Replica Rolex Coke is an awesome first replica watch in your collection if you are thinking about one!

Rolex GMT-Master II “Root Beer” (References include 126711CHNR and 16753)

Rolex Root Beer

The “Root Beer” Rolex GMT-Master II, with references like 126711CHNR, harks back to its initial appearance in the 1960s, capturing the essence of the beloved A&W or Mug root beer with its unique brown and gold bezel. This resemblance not only adds a nostalgic charm but also sets it apart with a luxurious, yet approachable aesthetic. Featuring the robust Calibre 3285 movement and a 40mm case, this two-tone model, blending stainless steel with gold, speaks to those who appreciate a timepiece that combines function with an evocative, warm design. Its enduring appeal lies in its rich narrative and distinctive style, making the “Root Beer” a cherished item among watch enthusiasts and collectors who value both the story and the craftsmanship behind their timepieces. We at Replica Rolex Expert rarely replicate vintage models, but we sure do have the Replica Rolex 126711chnr Root Beer.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Sprite” (Reference 126720VTNR)

Rolex Sprite

Introduced in 2021, the “Sprite” marks a fresh twist in Rolex’s GMT-Master II series with its unique green and black bezel. This model instantly stood out, reminiscent of the popular soda, adding a new chapter to the brand’s colorful lineage. Equipped with the Calibre 3285 movement and a 40mm case, the “Sprite” not only brings a vibrant look but also robust functionality, including a 70-hour power reserve and water resistance up to 100 meters. It’s a spirited contender in the ongoing saga of Rolex’s beverage-inspired timepieces, carving its own niche alongside the legendary “Coke” and “Pepsi” models. The “Sprite” Rolex GMT-Master II also introduced a novel feature for the series: the crown positioned on the left side of the case, making it an appealing choice for left-handed wearers or those seeking a unique Rolex design element, further distinguishing it from its “Coke” and “Pepsi” siblings. It’s available with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets.

This model is also known as “Green Lantern” or “Destro” which means “right” in Italian, as of the hand on which left-handers wear the watch. Check our superclone Rolex Sprite in our collection.

Rolex Submariner “Starbucks” (reference 126610LV)

Rolex Starbucks

Released in 2020, the Rolex Submariner “Starbucks” earns its nickname from its distinctive green ceramic bezel and black dial, reminiscent of the coffee giant’s iconic logo. This modern Submariner stands apart from the “Hulk” (all-green bezel and dial) and the “Kermit” (green bezel, black dial, older model) with a unique combination of green and gold accents. It shares its technical features with other modern Submariner Date models like the 3235 caliber, but its unique colorway and increasing popularity create a strong demand with prices significantly exceeding its retail value on the secondary market. Check out our affordable replica Rolex Starbucks if you are a fan of green watches.

Rolex Bluesy (Reference 126613LB)  – A Two-Tone Icon

Rolex Bluesy

The Rolex Submariner Date, reference 126613LB, also affectionately known as the “Bluesy,” is a captivating timepiece that blends luxury and sportiness. This modern design features a 41mm Oystersteel case with a sleek, blue unidirectional rotatable bezel and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The crown is screw-down, ensuring exceptional water resistance of up to 300 meters as expected from a Rolex Submariner. Where it truly sets itself apart is the stunning 18k yellow gold fluted bezel and center links on the Oyster bracelet, contrasting beautifully with the deep blue dial and Oystersteel clasp.
Compared to its aquatic cousin, the “Smurf” (Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 126619LB), the Bluesy offers a more subtle yet undeniably luxurious take on the classic blue Submariner. The Smurf boasts a full 18k white gold construction, giving it a more icy and precious feel. Ultimately, the choice between these two blue beauties comes down to personal preference. Blue watches have become a mainstay in the luxury watch industry, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional black or white dials. The Rolex Bluesy masterfully captures this trend, combining timeless design with a touch of modern flair.

The Rolex GMT Blueberry (Reference 1675)

Rolex Blueberry

Rolex’s iconic GMT-Master is known for its playful nicknames, but the “Blueberry” stands apart as a mysterious and highly sought-after variant. This 1970s reference 1675 features a striking all-blue bezel insert, rumored to be a special-order piece for select clients in the Eastern market. Its limited production and elusive origins make it a true collector’s grail, demonstrating the lasting appeal of blue-themed luxury watches. While resembling the “Smurf” Submariner’s color scheme, the Blueberry boasts a vintage steel case and a unique historical mystique, surpassing even the modern “Bluesy” Submariner in rarity. Because of it’s rarity, it’s very unlikely you will find a replica model in the wild. We also don’t offer one. If you would like one, you could buy a replica Rolex GMT 1675 with black bezel and add an aftermarket blue bezel to it.

Rolex “Polar” Explorer II(ref. 216570 and ref. 16550)

Rolex Polar

Nicknamed the “Polar” for its pristine white dial, the Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 (and its vintage predecessor, ref. 16550) is a tool watch built for the harshest environments. This 42mm stainless steel timepiece features a clean, high-legibility white dial with black hour markers and hands for superior contrast in low-light conditions. The orange 24-hour hand and fixed black bezel with 24-hour markings solidify its purpose: conquering the day, night, and everything in between. Unlike its black-dialed sibling, the “Polar” evokes a sense of exploration and adventure, making it a favorite among collectors who appreciate both functionality and a touch of icy flair.

Rolex “Panda” Daytona (references 116500LN and 126500LN)

Rolex Panda

The Rolex “Panda” Daytona is an icon for its striking black and white dial, resembling a panda’s face. First appearing on vintage references in the 1960s, it became legendary with the Zenith-powered 16520 reference. Reintroduced in 2016 with a ceramic bezel (ref. 116500LN) and refreshed in 2013 with ref. 126500LN, its timeless design and relative scarcity make it a collector’s favorite. Look for crisp contrast between the white dial and black subdials, and always have any potential “Panda”, especially vintage models, authenticated by an expert. This model is available in both white and black dial, respectively the black dial with white subdials is called the “Reverse Panda”.

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Rolex Daytona “Godzilla” (references 116500LN and 126500LN)

The nickname “Godzilla” for the Rolex Daytona models references 116500LN and 126500LN is somewhat unique within the watch community because it’s not as widely recognized as other monikers like the “Paul Newman” Daytona or the “Panda” Daytona. It is the same reference as the “Reverse Panda”, but we decided to give the win to the Godzilla, to make the nicknaming game more diverse.

Rolex Daytona “Platona” (ref.116506)

Rolex Platona

The Rolex “Platona” refers to the platinum version of the Daytona chronograph that debuted in 2013 as the highly-anticipated 50th anniversary Daytona. It stands apart with its case and bracelet crafted entirely from 950 platinum, offering a cool, white luster and luxurious weight. The “Platona” exclusively features an ice-blue dial and a brown Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel, adding a touch of modern style. Its use of platinum makes it significantly rarer than other metal options within the Daytona line. As some might guessed, the nickname “Platona” comes from the combination of the words Daytona and Platinum. It is a beautiful and appreciating watch, however, it starts at $100,000 and is out of reach for many people. If you are a fan of the watch, we offer the updated model, replica Rolex Daytona Platona ref. 126506 in superclone quality.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Zombie”(reference 126713GRNR)

Rolex Zombie

Less known to the public since it was freshly released in 2023, the Rolex “Zombie” is an intriguing nickname given to some variants of the GMT-Master II, but its connection to the color green is misleading, some say it’s because of its darker and mysterious tones.
. In its most common use, the “Zombie” refers to models featuring a stainless steel case, yellow gold accents, and a striking black and brown Cerachrom bezel insert.

What Makes the “Zombie” Unique:

  • Brown and Black: The two-tone bezel breaks from traditional GMT colorways, offering a sophisticated alternative to the classic blue/red or black/blue bezels.
  • Unexpected Appeal: The brown and black combination, though subdued, has a unique character that collectors find appealing.
  • Nickname Confusion: The “Zombie” name, likely a reference to the watch’s unusual color scheme compared to standard models, can cause confusion, as some believe it indicates a green bezel.

The Replica Rolex “Zombie” sits in an interesting space: a watch with a misleading yet intriguing nickname. It caters to collectors who enjoy a touch of the unexpected and appreciate the distinctive look of brown and black in the GMT-Master II lineup.

Note: While less common, some collectors use the “Zombie” name for ANY black and green GMT-Master II model.

Rolex Datejust II “Wimbledon”(multiple references)

Rolex Wimbledon

The Rolex “Wimbledon” is a specific Datejust configuration inspired by the colors of the iconic tennis tournament. It features a slate grey dial with sunburst finish, and Roman numerals outlined in green, and is available on a Jubilee or Oyster bracelet in two-tone steel and gold. Rolex’s partnership with Wimbledon adds to the “Wimbledon’s” prestige and makes it a favorite among watch collectors and tennis fans alike.

Rolex Submariner “Cookie Monster” (references 126619LB)

Rolex Cookie Monster

The Rolex “Cookie Monster” refers to the white gold Submariner Date (reference 126619LB), known for its bright blue dial and bezel. The nickname is a playful reference to the Sesame Street character’s blue fur. Crafted in precious white gold, the “Cookie Monster” offers a bold and luxurious twist on the iconic Submariner design, making it a favorite among collectors who enjoy a touch of whimsy. It’s considered a close relative to the “Smurf”, but with a more classy look. Check our awesome replica Rolex 126619LB in supercone quality.

Rolex Submariner “Red Line” (ref. 1680)

Rolex Red Line

The Rolex Submariner “Red Line” is a true vintage treasure, referring specifically to the reference 1680 produced from 1967 to the mid-1970s. Its defining feature, and the source of the nickname, is the inscription “Submariner” printed in red text above the six o’clock marker. This detail, a minor variation from the usual white text, makes the “Red Line” a standout among Submariner models. Compared to later Submariners, the “Red Line” has a slightly slimmer case. This subtle vintage charm, combined with the rarity of the red text, makes the “Red Line” highly sought-after by collectors, often commanding a premium price on the pre-owned market.

Rolex Sea-Dweller “Double Red” (refs. 1665, 16660)

Rolex Double Red

The Rolex Sea-Dweller “Double Red” is a coveted vintage model, known for having the words “Sea-Dweller” and “Submariner 2000” printed in red on its black dial. This striking detail, along with its purpose-built design, solidified its place in Rolex’s history. Produced between the late 1960s and early 1980s, the “Double Red” offers a glimpse into the early days of professional-grade dive watches. Similar to the “Red Line”, the “Double Red” also possesses a vintage aesthetic but boasts additional features like a thicker case and the iconic Helium Escape Valve for saturation diving. Its historical significance and limited production make it a grail for many vintage Rolex collectors, commanding top prices well into the tens of thousands.

Rolex Sea-Dweller “Great White” (ref. 1665)

Rolex Great White

The Rolex Sea-Dweller “Great White” gets its name from the stark white text on its all-black dial, a departure from the “Double Red Sea-Dweller” inscription on later models. Released towards the end of the 1665’s production, it retains classic Sea-Dweller features like a robust case and Helium Escape Valve.

Rolex “Stella” Dial

Rolex Stella Dial

Rolex “Stella” dials, found on vintage Day-Date and Datejust models, are legendary for their vibrant, lacquered colors like turquoise, orange, green, and more. The name “Stella” comes from the dial manufacturer who supplied these vibrant pigments to Rolex. These dials stand apart from Rolex’s typical subdued color choices with their bold, almost playful, aesthetic. Finding a genuine “Stella” dial Rolex in good condition is a rare feat. Their unusual beauty, limited production, and connection to a specific era in Rolex history make them highly desirable for collectors and often cost eye-watering prices that can easily reach six figures, but can be found for as low as $10,000, so it’s a very versatile collection piece.

Rolex GMT-Master “Fuchsia” (refs. 1675, 16750)

Rolex Fuchsia

The Rolex GMT-Master “Fuchsia” gets its name from the vibrant pink-purple hue of its faded bezel insert. Originally a deep blue half and dark red half, some bezels on vintage models have undergone unique color changes due to sun exposure. The “Fuchsia” stands out with its unusual and captivating color shift compared to standard GMT-Masters. This phenomenon is most commonly seen on references 1675 and 16750, offering a glimpse into how the effects of time can create unique collector pieces. Due to their rarity and striking visual appeal, “Fuchsia” GMT-Masters are highly desirable, commanding premium prices within the vintage Rolex market, and generally sell for south of $20,000.

Rolex Daytona “Beach” (ref. 116519LN)

Rolex Daytona Beach

The Rolex Daytona “Beach” gets its playful nickname from a series of special editions with brightly colored dials released in the early 2000s. Available in colors like turquoise, pink, and yellow, these dials offer a vibrant twist on the classic Daytona design. Crafted from white gold and sometimes featuring diamond accents on the dial or bezel, the “Beach” Daytonas embody a sense of luxury and fun. Their colorful nature sets them apart from typical Daytonas with more subdued dial options. The limited production and bold aesthetic of the “Beach” Daytonas make them collector favorites, often fetching high prices on the pre-owned market, starting at $70,000 and going all the way up to $150,000.

Rolex Daytona “Pikachu” (ref. 116508LN and 126518LN)

Rolex Daytona Pikachu

The Rolex Daytona “Pikachu” earns its nickname from its striking yellow gold case and matching yellow dial, reminiscent of the beloved Pokémon character. This bold color choice makes it stand out from the typical steel or two-tone Daytona models. It’s important to note that this “Pikachu” is the model with the champagne dial, whereas the black dial is called the “Neo Paul Newman”. Despite being aftermarket, the “Pikachu” Daytona’s eye-catching look and connection to pop culture has garnered a following among collectors. Its unique appearance and custom nature can command a premium price, especially given the already high demand for Daytona models.

Moving from Rolex’s colorful watches to ones named after characters is like going from reading a vivid storybook to diving into a comic book full of heroes and legends. Each character-themed Rolex has its own cool background, making them super interesting to learn about and collect. Let’s get ready to check out these watches that are not just about telling time but also about telling stories.

Character-Based Rolex Nicknames

Now, let’s switch gears and dive into Rolex watches with character-based nicknames. These aren’t just any watches; they carry names that remind us of iconic figures and stories, making them even more special to collectors and fans.

The “James Bond” Rolex(references 6538 and 5513)

Rolex James Bond

While Bond has sported many watches over the years, it’s the Rolex Submariner that holds the title of the true “James Bond” piece. Specifically, it’s the classic references like the 6538 and 5513, seen on Sean Connery’s wrist in early films like “Dr. No” and “Goldfinger”, that earned this status. This no-nonsense tool watches perfectly suited Bond’s blend of rugged capability and refined style. They often appeared on simple leather or NATO-style straps, emphasizing utility over extravagance. The “James Bond” Rolex isn’t just about a specific model – it embodies the timeless appeal of adventure, elegance, and the ability to handle any mission with flair.

We have to acknowledge that James Bond wore many watch brands across different movies, Breitling, a couple of different SEIKO, Tag Heuer, and as of the last 30 years it was several Omega models, however, since the first James Bond appearance in a movie in 1962 he wore a Rolex, it will always be remembered that the Rolex 6538 is the James Bond watch. This is a rare watch sought after only by collectors, thus we didn’t put the effort to replicate it.

The “Paul Newman” Rolex Daytona(ref. 6239, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264 and 6265)

Rolex Paul Newman

The “Paul Newman” isn’t just a Rolex nickname; it’s a collectible phenomenon. Named after movie star Paul Newman, who wore his Rolex Daytona ref. 6239 watch that was gifted from his wife both on and off screen. It refers to specific vintage Daytona chronograph models (references like the 6239, 6241, etc.) featuring a unique “exotic” dial. These dials stand out with their Art Deco-inspired numerals, contrasting subdials with hash marks, and a seconds track around the dial’s outer edge. Although initially less popular than standard Daytona dials, their association with actor and racecar driver Paul Newman turned them into highly desirable collector’s items. True “Paul Newman” Daytonas are incredibly rare and valuable, commanding some of the highest prices in the vintage watch world. They embody a perfect mix of motorsport heritage, celebrity allure, and undeniable vintage charm. The price increased when in 2017 Paul Newman sold his own “Rolex Paul Newman” for $17.8 million, making it the most expensive Rolex watch ever sold.

There is also a “Neo” Paul Newman nickname which refers to the Rolex Daytona reference 116508-0009, but we think it falls into the same nickname.

Rolex Explorer II “Steve McQueen”(reference 1655)

Rolex Steve McQueen

The Rolex often associated with Steve McQueen is the Explorer II, reference 1655. Although it’s widely known as the “Steve McQueen Rolex,” there’s no concrete evidence that McQueen ever wore this model. Nonetheless, the watch embodies a rugged, adventurous spirit that aligns with McQueen’s persona. Its distinct design features, like the 24-hour hand and fixed bezel, make it ideal for explorers. This association with McQueen has significantly contributed to its mystique and desirability among collectors. The price for a vintage piece starts at around $20,000, which makes it a great value watch for vintage Rolex collectors.

Rolex GMT Master “Clint Eastwood” (references 16753 and 1675/3)

Rolex Clint Eastwood

The Rolex often linked with Clint Eastwood is the GMT-Master, specifically models with a “Root Beer” bezel, such as the 16753 and 1675/3. These models, known for their distinctive brown and gold bezel, match the aesthetic and rugged sophistication often associated with Eastwood’s characters and the fact that he is known to wear it on and off the screen. While many think that Root Beer and Clint Eastwood are just different nicknames for the same watch, it’s important to note that only vintage models 16753 and 1675/3 are called both Clint Eastwood and Root Beer, and the newer model 126711CHNR is just nicknamed Root Beer.

Rolex Datejust “Buckley”

Rolex Buckley

The Rolex “Buckley” dial refers to a specific Roman numeral configuration found on vintage Datejust and Oyster Perpetual models. These dials are named after John Buckley, a renowned Rolex dealer and collector known for his distinctive taste. Buckley dials stand out due to their large, bold Roman numerals, often with contrasting colors or serifs, and the fact that the numbers are painted rather than applied. They were produced in limited quantities, making them a coveted piece of Rolex history. “Buckley” dials are highly sought-after by collectors who appreciate their vintage charm and unique connection to a prominent figure in the Rolex world.

Rolex “Patrizi” Daytona (ref. 16520)

The Rolex “Patrizi” Daytona refers to a small subset of vintage chronograph references (primarily 16520) featuring dials where the subdial rings have faded to a unique, warm brown color. Named after Antiquorum auctioneer Osvaldo Patrizi who brought attention to this phenomenon, the “Patrizi” discoloration is believed to have occurred due to a defect in Rolex’s use of Zapon varnish. Among vintage watch collectors, “Patrizi” Daytonas are incredibly rare and desirable. Their unintended color shift tells a story and represents an intriguing intersection of imperfection and beauty, greatly increasing a watch’s value and historical significance.

We’ve explored the colorful world of character-based Rolex nicknames, each telling its own unique story and embodying the spirit of iconic figures. As we shift our focus, we’ll delve into the realm of Material or Special Feature-Based Nicknames. These timepieces are celebrated not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their innovative use of materials and groundbreaking features, marking Rolex’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

Material or Special Feature-Based Rolex Nicknames

Rolex “Rainbow”

Rolex Rainbow

The Rolex “Rainbow” is a dazzling and extravagant take on models like the Daytona, GMT-Master II, and Day-Date. It gets its name from the dazzling array of sapphires set in a rainbow gradient around the bezel. Rolex also uses diamonds and other precious stones on the dial and sometimes even the bracelet, adding to the watch’s opulent look. Crafted in white or Everose gold, the “Rainbow” exemplifies extreme luxury. Due to the intricate gem-setting process and the use of precious materials, “Rainbow” models are highly exclusive and command top prices in the collector’s market, making them the ultimate statement pieces for those who seek the pinnacle of watchmaking extravagance.

The Rainbow is popular amongst superstars and hyper-wealthy people, and it’s not surprising as a Rolex Daytona Rainbow ref. 116598RBOW price will start from $400,000. There are relatively cheaper alternatives with custom encrustations that will start from $30,000.

Rolex Daytona “John Mayer” (ref. 116508)

Rolex John Mayer

The Rolex “John Mayer” Daytona, featuring a yellow gold case and striking green dial, earned its nickname due to musician John Mayer being spotted wearing it, sparking renewed interest in this particular color combination. While not an official Rolex designation, the “John Mayer” demonstrates how celebrity taste and influential collectors can shape the language and desirability of luxury watches. It shares similarities with standard yellow gold Daytonas, but its distinctive green dial commands a premium in the pre-owned market starting at $70,000 , especially as vintage-inspired colors become increasingly popular within Rolex collections.

Rolex Daytona “Eye of the Tiger” (reference 116588TBR/116598TBR)

Rolex Eye of the Tiger

The Rolex Daytona “Eye of the Tiger” is known for its luxurious yellow or Everose gold case and a dazzling bezel encrusted with diamonds. Its most distinctive feature is the dial, featuring a unique, wavy pattern resembling a tiger’s fur – hence the nickname. Sometimes made with mother-of-pearl or meteorite, this dial sets it apart from standard Daytonas. The “Eye of the Tiger” appeals to collectors who crave extreme opulence and unique craftsmanship. Due to its precious materials and rarity, it commands a very high price on the aftermarket, often around $200,000, making it a true grail for collectors seeking an undeniably bold statement piece.

Rolex Day-Date “President” (various references)

Rolex President

The Rolex Day-Date, known as the “President” or “Presidential Watch”, has been synonymous with power and influence since its debut in 1956. It earned its nickname due to its association with world leaders, including several US presidents. The Day-Date is exclusively crafted in precious metals (yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or Everose gold) and features a day display at the 12 o’clock position along with the iconic date window. The distinctive “President” bracelet, with its semi-circular links, adds to its air of sophistication. While similar in design to the Datejust, the Day-Date stands apart as the pinnacle of Rolex dress watches. Its historical significance and luxurious construction make it highly prized by collectors, with prices starting in the tens of thousands and reaching much higher depending on the metal, age, and condition.
A few notable people who wore the Rolex President are General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Warren Buffett, Tony Soprano(TV series character), Sir Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and many more. Check our replica Rolex Day-Date catalog to see which models would suit you.

Rolex Deepsea “James Cameron” (ref. 126660)

Rolex James Cameron

The Rolex Deepsea “James Cameron” is a watch built for extreme adventures. It boasts an impressive 3,900-meter water resistance rating, making it capable of withstanding the crushing pressure of the ocean’s deepest reaches. The nickname honors filmmaker James Cameron’s historic solo dive to the Mariana Trench in 2012, during which he wore a specially-designed Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch. While the “James Cameron” isn’t quite as extreme as that experimental model, it shares the spirit of pushing boundaries. Compared to standard Submariners, the “James Cameron” is larger and bulkier, making it ideal for those with a love of oversized tool watches. Its association with Cameron and its technical prowess make it a desirable collector’s item, with prices starting in the high four figures.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Superman” (ref. 126719BLRO)

Rolex Superman

This unique GMT-Master II combines the iconic “Pepsi” bezel in white gold with a mesmerizing meteorite dial, while many prefer to call it “Meteorite Pepsi”, we consider the Red and Blue color combination with the meteorite dial is more suitable for a “Superman” watch.

Rolex Dato-Compax “Jean-Claude Killy” (Multiple References)

Rolex Jean-Claude Killy

The Rolex “Jean-Claude Killy” refers to various vintage chronograph models featuring a triple date calendar and multiple sub-dials for complex timekeeping functions. It earned its nickname due to French Olympic ski champion Jean-Claude Killy being frequently photographed wearing these highly-complicated Rolexes. Collectors prize “Killy” models for their rarity, historical connection to watchmaking and sports icons, and intricate designs that stand apart from typical Rolex chronographs. At the time of writing this article, the cheapest watch found on the market is $162,000, and up to as mush as $550,000.

Rolex “Bubble Back” (Various References)

Rolex Bubble back

The Rolex “Bubble Back” gets its playful name from the distinctly domed, rounded caseback of early Rolex models. This design was necessary to accommodate the innovative automatic rotor introduced by Rolex for self-winding movement. “Bubble Backs” are predominantly found in Datejust and Oyster Perpetual models from the 1930s through the 1950s. The “Bubble Back” represents a pivotal time in Rolex history and holds significant charm for collectors fascinated by the brand’s evolution.

Rolex SARU Gem-Set Models

Rolex SARU

Rolex “SARU” models feature dazzling gemstone embellishments on the dial, bezel, and sometimes even the lugs and bracelet. The name “SARU” stems from the combination of SApphires and RUbies. Often part of the Datejust, Day-Date, or GMT-Master lines, “SARU” creations represent the apex of luxury and exclusivity, commanding top prices due to their precious materials and intricate craftsmanship. This watch is very popular among celebrities, people like Post Malone, Silvester Stallone, Christiano Ronaldo, Ellen DeGeneres and many more are known to have this watch in their collection, and no wonder, since the lowest entry point would be somewhere around $100,000.

Rolex Daytona “SACO” (Various references)

Rolex SACO

The Rolex Datejust “SACO” features diamonds encrusting the bezel, lugs, and sometimes even the bracelet, adding a touch of hidden luxury to the classic model. The “SACO” name is said to be short for cognac-colored sapphires set into the bezel as in SAphirs COgnac. Unlike the flashy, multi-colored “SARU” models, the “SACO” offers a more understated way to incorporate diamonds, appealing to those desiring elegance with a touch of sparkle. It comes in 3 references, 116578SACO, 116588SACO and 116598SACO(aka Rolex Leopard). The price for any of the references will start from $100,000.

Rolex Daytona “Leopard” (ref.116598SACO)

Rolex Leopard

Rolex Leopard is basically the Rolex Dayotona Saco with the leopard-printed dial, ref. 116598SACO, a very bright and unusual watch in Rolex’s history as a brand.

Rolex “Meteorite” Dial Models

Rolex Meteorite Dial

Rolex models featuring dials crafted from genuine meteorite from the “Gibeon” Meteorite, a Class IVA meteorite, offer a mesmerizing glimpse of space. The unique crystalline patterns within the meteorite, known as Widmanstätten patterns, make each dial a true one-of-a-kind work of natural art. Prized by collectors for their rarity and otherworldly appeal, meteorite dial Rolex watches command a substantial premium compared to their counterparts with standard dials.

Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph “Thunderbird” (multiple references)

Rolex Thunderbird

The Rolex Datejust Turn-O-Graph, nicknamed the “Thunderbird”, debuted in 1953 and was notably worn by pilots of the US Air Force’s Thunderbird aerial demonstration team. It’s distinguished by its rotating timing bezel, a feature shared with the Datejust, but the “Thunderbird” often features bolder designs and two-tone variations, adding sporty flair to the classic tool watch concept. The references include 116264, 116261, 116263, 16250 16263 16253 16264, 6609, 6202, and 6309. Even though it’s an interesting vintage piece, you can find one for as low as $5000.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual “Bubble” or “Celebration Dial” (Ref. 126000, 124300 and 277200)

Rolex Celebrity Dial

This specific Rolex Oyster Perpetual released in 2023 earns its playful “Celebration Dial” or Rolex “Bubble” nickname from the vibrant, multi-colored dials recently introduced by Rolex. These dials feature a unique “bubble” motif in colors like turquoise, pink, and yellow, injecting a sense of fun and modernity into the classic Oyster Perpetual line. Collectors are drawn to these models for their bold departure from traditional Rolex design and their relative affordability compared to other sports and precious metal models. References 124300 for 41mm, 126000 for 39mm and 277200 for 31mm case.

Rolex Day-Date “Emoji” or “Puzzle” (ref. 128238, 128235)

Rolex Puzzle

The Rolex Day-Date “Emoji” or “Puzzle” gets its name from the whimsical emoji icons replacing traditional day of the month indicator. Crafted in precious metals like yellow, white, or Everose gold, it features a unique puzzle-piece style dial adorned with emojis, gemstones, and a special keyword for each day of the week. Due to their bold design and exclusivity, “Emoji” Day-Dates are highly sought-after by collectors with a playful spirit and command significant prices on the secondary market at around $290,000 at the moment of writing the article.

Rolex “Nipple Dial” (Vintage References)

Rolex Nipple Dial

The Rolex “Nipple Dial” gets its nickname from the raised, pointed hour markers found on certain vintage GMT-Master and Submariner models. These applied round indexes are always crafted in yellow gold and are made with luminescent material for optimal legibility. Collectors appreciate “Nipple Dial” Rolexes for their unusual aesthetic and quirky place in Rolex design history and since its many references to this feature the price varies, however, it falls between $10,000-$100,000.

Rolex “Padellone” (ref. 8171)

The Rolex “Padellone”, meaning “large frying pan” in Italian, gets its nickname from its oversized 38mm case, a significant size for its era. This rare vintage chronograph featuring a moonphase and triple calendar complication also boasts a unique snap-back case design. The “Padellone” is highly prized by collectors for its rarity, historical significance, and unusual blend of complexity and large size for a vintage Rolex and would cost from $100,000 all the way up to $400,000 since Rolex stopped producing watches with moonphase functionality. This model is also nicknamed “Stelline” because of the stars on the dial.

Rolex GMT-Master “Cornino” (ref. 1675)

The Rolex GMT-Master “Cornino” (meaning “small horns” in Italian) is a rare 1960s variant of the reference 1675, getting its nickname from its distinctive pointed crown guards, a feature not seen on standard GMT-Master models of the era. Highly sought-after by collectors for its rarity and unique design detail, the “Cornino” is one of the most intriguing and collectible vintage GMT-Master variations.

We’ve reviewed Rolex watches known for their special materials and features. Next, we’re checking out watches with unique or unusual nicknames. These names tell us about the cool stories or rare details that make each watch extra special. Let’s find out what makes these watches stand out from the rest.

Unique and Miscellaneous Rolex Nicknames

Rolex GMT-Master II “Fat Lady” (ref. 16760)

Rolex Fat Lady

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Fat Lady” was the first in its line and earned its nickname due to its thicker case and wider crown guards needed to house a new movement 3085. While initially met with some criticism for its body-positive name, the “Fat Lady” is now prized by collectors for representing a significant technical and design shift for the iconic GMT-Master II. It’s also known as “Sophia Loren” a reference to the Italian actress’s famous curves, and is oftentimes confused with Rolex Coke, as it’s the “slimmer” predecessor.

Rolex Submariner “Bart Simpson” (ref. 5513)

Rolex Bart Simpson

The Rolex Submariner “Bart Simpson” (ref. 5513 from the late 1960s) earns its nickname from specific dials where the Rolex coronet logo has flat, stubby points, reminiscent of Bart Simpson’s haircut. This subtle variation is due to a brief change in dial manufacturing. Vintage “Bart Simpson” Submariners are sought-after by collectors who appreciate their unique place in Rolex design history alongside offering the classic charm of a vintage tool watch combined with the vintage patina. The prices start from $22,000, all the way up to $35,000.

Rolex “Le Mans” (126529LN)

The Rolex 126529LN, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans race, showcases the brand’s commitment to precision and motorsport heritage. Crafted in 18k white gold, with a unique open caseback revealing the Caliber 4132 movement, it features design elements inspired by racing, such as the black Cerachrom bezel with a red “100” marking. This limited edition model connects to Rolex’s legacy in motorsports, highlighted by the Daytona’s deep-rooted association with racing legends. This watch not only commemorates a significant milestone but also embodies the adventurous spirit and meticulous craftsmanship that define Rolex’s esteemed reputation. If you want to know more about this watch, we have a separate Rolex Le Mans review article, and even a Superclone Rolex Le Mans in our catalog.

Rolex “Tiffany & Co.” Dial

Rolex watches featuring the “Tiffany & Co.” signature alongside the Rolex logo on the dial are referred to as “Tiffany Dial” models. This co-branding represents a special collaboration between the iconic jewelry house and Rolex. Highly coveted by collectors, “Tiffany Dial” Rolexes often command a significant premium due to their rarity and partnership with a renowned luxury retailer.

You would expect a model with a Turquoise dial, as with other collaborations, for example with Patek Philippe Nautilus. Still, the Tiffany branding is found on different dials across different collections, such as Datejust, Submariner, Oyster Perpetual, GMT Master, and others. Still, the Turquoise dial is found only on the Oyster Perpetual model, but they don’t have as high value as the models with the dials with the Tiffany & Co writing.


Rolex Daytona “John Player Special” (ref. 6241)

The Rolex Daytona “John Player Special”, specifically the reference 6241 in yellow gold, gets its nickname from its striking black and gold color scheme mirroring the livery of the iconic John Player Special Formula 1 cars. This highly desirable watch is made even more special by its coveted “Paul Newman” exotic dial. Due to this rarity and motorsport connection, vintage 6241 “John Player Special” Daytonas command top prices among collectors.

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