Rolex enthusiasts, get ready! The 2024 collection has landed, bringing a wave of fresh releases, subtle refinements to iconic models, and a few surprising farewells. In this article, we’ll uncover the essential 2024 releases, helping you navigate Rolex’s latest offerings and potentially find your next grail watch.

Rolex GMT-Master II: A Fresh, Polarizing Perspective

The iconic GMT-Master II gets a surprising makeover in 2024 with a two-tone bezel in grey and black. Mounted on either a Jubilee or Oyster bracelet, this timepiece boasts a sleek black dial with a green inlay for the GMT hand. This colorway marks a significant departure from the vibrant Pepsis and Batgirls that Rolex fans have come to expect.

While the functionality of the watch remains top-notch, the grey and black bezel might raise eyebrows. Is it a refreshing take on a classic, or a muted version of the beloved Pepsi? The jury’s still out! Some collectors might find it sophisticated and sleek, while others might crave the boldness of the traditional colorways. Only time will tell how this design gamble by Rolex plays out in the market. As of now, the nickname given to this GMT-Master II is “Bruce Wayne”, soon we will see if it sticks or not.

Case Size: 40 mm
Movement: Calibre 3285
Power Reserve: 70 Hours
Price: $10,900 on Jubilee, $10,700 on Oyster

The Rolex 1908: Platinum Elegance

For those seeking pure sophistication, the 1908 in platinum is a true showstopper. This 39mm masterpiece features a stunning ice-blue guilloche dial that captures the light beautifully. The polished platinum case with a fluted bezel and sapphire case back exudes timeless elegance. Completing the package is a luxurious alligator leather strap.

The 1908 is a watch that oozes heritage and craftsmanship. The combination of the platinum case and the ice-blue dial creates a truly mesmerizing effect. This is a watch that transcends trends and is sure to become a treasured heirloom. However, with a hefty price tag and limited availability, it will remain out of reach for many collectors, which makes it more special.

Case Size: 39 mm
Case material: Platinum
Movement: Calibre 7140
Power Reserve: 66 Hours
Price: $30,900

Rolex Deepsea Goes Full Gold

Divers, take note! Rolex has unveiled a truly unique addition to the Sea-Dweller line – a full 18kt yellow gold version. This 44mm behemoth boasts a blue dial reminiscent of the James Cameron Deepsea and features a gas escape valve for those venturing to extreme depths. The innovative combination of RLX Titanium, ceramic, and 18kt gold keeps the watch surprisingly lightweight, despite its precious metal construction.

This is a bold statement piece, no doubt. While the technical advancements are impressive, the full gold aesthetic might be too ostentatious for some divers. The price tag is certainly eye-watering as well. Ultimately, this Deepsea caters to a very specific collector who desires a luxurious tool watch that makes a serious statement.

Case Size: 44 mm
Case Material: yellow gold
Movement: Calibre 3235
Power Reserve: 70 Hours
Movement: caliber 3235 auto-winding mechanical with date
Price: $52,100

Rolex Day-Date Dial Refresh

The ever-popular Day-Date receives a refresh for 2024 with a new slate shadow dial in Everose gold. This creates a subtle ombre effect that adds a touch of modern flair to this classic timepiece. Rolex has also introduced some other new dial options, including a white mother-of-pearl with diamond markers.

Our Favorites: The slate shadow dial on the Day-Date is a particularly interesting addition. It offers a contemporary twist on a timeless design without straying too far from the Day-Date’s core aesthetic. While the mother-of-pearl option adds a touch of glamour, it might not be for everyone.

Case Size: 40 mm/36 mm
Movement: Calibre 3225
Power Reserve: 70 Hours
Price: Day-Date 40 Ombré dial $41,500, Mother of Pearl $47,050, Day-Date 36
White Roman dial $35,000, Blue with trapeze cut diamonds $80,000

Rolex Sky-Dweller Gets Jubilee Option 

The Sky-Dweller gains a touch of elegance in 2024 with the availability of a full gold Jubilee bracelet in both Everose gold and yellow gold. This provides wearers with a more luxurious and traditional alternative to the Oyster bracelet.

Our Thoughts: The Jubilee bracelet is a welcome addition for Sky-Dweller fans who prefer a more classic look. It complements the sophisticated design of the watch beautifully. While the Oyster bracelet offers a sportier aesthetic, the Jubilee elevates the Sky-Dweller to a whole new level of refinement.

Case Size: 42 mm
Movement: Calibre 9002
Power Reserve: 72 Hours
Movement: caliber 9002 auto-winding annual calendar with second time zone
Price: Everose $52,900, Yellowgold $49,000

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona With Diamond Bezel and Mother-of-Pearl Dials

Rolex adds a touch of extravagance to the iconic Daytona in 2024 with a new variant featuring a diamond-encrusted bezel and exquisite mother-of-pearl di‌als. This 18-karat white gold beauty comes in two striking colorway options: a white dial with contrasting dark chronograph counters and an inverted version. The bezel, adorned with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds, adds a luxurious shimmer. This marks the first time Rolex has experimented with a mix of mother-of-pearl colors, earning these Daytonas the nickname “Pearl Pandas.” Interestingly, the tachymeter scale often associated with racing has been replaced with dazzling diamonds, further emphasizing their focus on pure opulence.

Our Thoughts: The bejeweled Daytona has been an occasional fixture in the lineup, but these new mother-of-pearl “Panda” versions are a particularly eye-catching departure. While they lose some functionality as a traditional chronograph, they gain a captivating aesthetic sure to appeal to those who prioritize glamour over pure tool-watch functionality.

Rolex 2024 Discontinued models

While Rolex doesn’t officially announce discontinuations, browsing their website catalog suggest that the entire Yacht-Master II line and certain Datejust models featuring the Palm and Fluted motif dials might be on their way out in 2024.

The watch community’s prediction about the discontinuation of the Yacht-Master 2 turned out to be accurate. It’s a rare move for Rolex to retire an entire collection, and the Yacht-Master II’s phase-out is particularly noteworthy given its unique and costly 4161 caliber, a standout not just in Rolex’s lineup but in luxury watchmaking at large.

That wraps up our Rolex 2024 updates, if we missed anything, please let us know and we will make sure to update the article accordingly.

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